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Adoption as an option!

Ups and Downs: experiences and opinions of Alice, a new mom

Team Possibles – young persons and artists living with Down syndrome (NEW LINK!)

March 15, 2010

Dear Parents,

The Canadian Early Intervention Research Team needs your HELP!!

We are conducting a national study on the experiences and perceptions of parents of children with special needs in Early Intervention across Canada. We have constructed a survey that is being distributed to parents from across the country to determine how parents perceive services and supports in each respective province or territory.

The survey takes 15-25 minutes to complete and is available online at:

Please note, if you chose to complete the survey using the link above, the survey must be completed and submitted online at one sitting (i.e., you can not return to complete the survey at a later time).

Alternatively, the survey can be emailed or faxed to you or administered over the telephone by contacting the primary research associate, Jennifer Saracino at or (905) 592-1523. Please feel free to email Jennifer a number and time when you can be reached if your preference is to complete the questionnaire over the phone.

In exchange for your participation, you will receive an extensive report on the services and experiences of other parents across Canada along with any additional resources that are compiled by the research team.


Primary Investigator, Ingrid E. Sladeczek, PhD
School/Applied Child Psychology Program
McGill University
Phone: (514) 398-3450 Fax: (514) 398-6968

Participant Recruitment For Speech Studies

The School of Human Communication Disorders, Dalhousie University, is looking for participants for speech studies in children with Down syndrome

1. Parent-implemented program that teaches speech sounds to children with Down syndrome

2. Bilingualism/Monolingualism in children with Down syndrome

Petition ‘Canada needs a prenatal diagnosis awareness act’
Since February 2007, all pregnant women in Nova Scotia have been offered prenatal screening by the province. These screening tests are not designed to treat any condition, but are aimed at preventing conditions such as Down syndrome, by preventing the birth of babies with this condition. In Canada over 90% of parents terminate a pregnancy when faced with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society has experienced a sharp reduction (of about 85%) in registrations of new families during 2007.

The recent expansion of prenatal screening has not been accompanied by an appropriate expansion of counseling, information and education programs and is leading to unjustifiable situations. As an organization, the Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society believes that non-directive and balanced information about all options should be at the heart of prenatal screening.

NSDSS has created an online petition to call for a ‘Prenatal Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act’. This Act will ensure prospective parents receive non-directive and balanced support and information about the diagnosed condition of their child. This could include experiences from persons living with Down syndrome and their families.

Please sign our petition and forward this message to everyone who might be interested because every signature counts!
Renate’s Article “Take Down Syndrome out of the Abortion Debate”
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September 2007, Community Living Ontario: ‘Mom starts petition to better educate parents who have prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome’.

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November 2006; Chronicle Herald, Lives worth Celebrating

Media Releases

January 2008, ‘Registration of newborns with NSDSS falls with 85% since expansion of prenatal screening program’

November 2007, ‘Vanishing Canadians’


January 2008, Request to Sick Children’s hospital to change offensive language about Down syndrome
January 2008, Petition presented to Minister of Health Nova Scotia
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July 2007, Complaint CBC – re. News Show July 22
March 2007, P. MacKay: please sign the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
January 2007, Minister of DCS Judy Streatch: Rights of adults with special needs in Nova Scotia – Housing issue
September 2006, Minister of DCS Judy Streatch: Please address declining services for children with DS in Nova Scotia