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FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIALS 6:30pm – 9:00pm at Chocolate Lake centre, 14 Purcell’s Cove Rd., Halifax. New members are welcome; it is drop-in, but we would like to have some information about you. If you decide to drop in, please fill in our registration form on the spot or contact Audrey to have a form emailed to you.

TEAM POSSIBLES is a group of young people and artists living with Down syndrome who met on Saturdays at Chocolate Lake centre, 14 Purcell’s Cove Rd., Halifax to talk and create art work about their dreams and future plans. If you are interested in becoming part of the Team, please contact Renee.

TEAM POSSIBLES BLOG – Painted Puppet Theatre (with links to all Team Possibles previous Blogs)

Please note that the Team Possibles and Friday Night Socials are entirely parent organized and run programs, therefore NSDSS cannot accept any responsibility in respect to any type of loss, damage or injury that may occur as a result from these programs.

Here are a few quotes collected by Emily, one of our valued volunteers, who interviewed the young people who make up ‘the Possibles’

‘It’s really fun to have Down syndrome. You get to do things that other people can’t do. Like not drive. (You like that?) Yes. Because driving is bad for the world, it’s air pollution.’ Max, 19

The Possibles is a good chance and opportunity for other kids with Down Syndrome to come out and have fun. Some people don’t really have that many friends – they should come and meet some friends because it’d be really nice to see some smiles on their faces.’ Erin, 15

I think Down Syndrome is great. Lots of partying. Down Syndrome is great because you go to new places, like down south, up north. The Possibles is like a castle of heaven. This is like the kingdom of heaven; this is utopia, heaven on earth. Andrew, 20

I like taking pictures. And I like being in the pictures.
I like parties
We did Erin’s birthday and Halloween.
We watched a movie, and it was called Freedom Writers
The best stuff. Eduardo, 14:

The Possibles rock!
Why should there be more Possibles sessions?
It’s coming great… I know it.
It’s changed around… I’ve changed – I cut my hair.
Karsen, 17

Teen Possibles is fun.
I come here, I want to.
I like girls, and movies. I liked being the director; I like taking pictures.
Why should there be more Possibles sessions?
Because I be good – I may get married!
Do you think you might meet someone here?
Yes! Dylan, 14

Andrew (as the bride, below): Treat women equally

This project has been generously supported through the Nova Scotia Government’s Cutural Activities Program, Dalhousie Health Sciences student fundraiser and NSDSS.

Thank you ‘Possibles’ for showing anything is possible, thank you volunteers and program leaders.
Voices is the first Canadian magazine written for and by people with Down syndrome. In this magazine you will find stories about jobs, health and movies, along with informationon advocacy and mentoring.

The CDSS Voices At The Table Advocacy (VATTA) Committee shows true self-advocacy with this magazine.

To subscribe, get involved or to send an uplifting article, send an email to:

“Thanks A Bunch” postcards, created by Cape Breton artist Adele, now for sale at NSDSS

The cards are a wonderful way to say “Thanks” to all the special people in your life and raise awareness at the same time.

Folded cards plus envelopes, blank inside, prices:

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Adele and “Cabot Trail”
A little about Adele, the artist. She was born in Glace Bay, C.B. in 1977. Graduated from High School in 1997. Besides painting Adele has many other interest and hobbies and is always willing to try something new. Swimming and bowling are her favorite sports; she swims on the team of the Special Olympics, bowls in 2 bowling leagues, plus she is active in Aerobics.
Adele has many other interests like tole painting, country music, piano, step & modern dance and reading. She has also taken lessons in sign language and completed a First Aid & CPR course. Adele is active in her local Down Syndrome Society, loves her church, where she also has Bible study weekly.
In March 2002 Adele appeared in a CBC documentary “Measuring Up”. Over the last 4 years Adele has taken courses at UCCB. To name a few: Communications, Interpersonal relations, Public speaking, Celtic studies and Drama. In Fall 2004 Adele was the subject of an ATV special. It was in this special that she expressed her lifelong dream: “to be a star on stage”. Her wish was made to come true thanks to a local singing and performing group “The Accents”, who invited her to be part of their Christmas show at Glace Bay’s Savoy Theatre. For Adele this was “the icing on the cake”. She got a standing ovation from the audience and surely was “THE STAR” that night.