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QWhich software can be used for programming?

Commonly we can use Unigraphics, Cimatron, Mastercam, Powermill, Alphacam, Artcam, Type3, Pro/E, etc.

QWhat is the sales process?

Customer can visit our company to see the actual machine operation.

Customer can let us know the specific requirements or provide samples. Trial machining can be arranged.

After trial machining, we will negotiate and confirm the specific matters if customer accepts our products. Then sign the contract.

Our company can provide a series of professional training for customer’s technical staff, including machine operation, related knowledge on CAD/CAM software and engraving, etc. After delivery and the machine arrive at the customer's designated location, our technical staff will be also standby on site for installation, debugging and user acceptance.

QWhat kind of lubricant can be used for machine lubrication system?

For automatic lubrication system of ball screw, 20# or 30# industrial cleaning lubricant is recommended. For guide rail, No. 2 lithium grease is recommended. For the coolant of the spindle cooler, it is recommended to use an industrial lubricant with a viscosity grade of ISO VG6-32. For cutting, NF101 cutting oil is recommended. For A B axis rotary table, 90# lubricant is recommended.

Note: Check the relevant parts regularly and add lubricant in time to keep the moving parts working normally.

QWhy the machine cannot read the computer program?

Why the machine cannot read the computer program? Why is the processing signal interrupted during use?

Check whether the computer used for processing data transmission is working normally, whether the parameters of the WinDNC transmission software are set correctly, whether the transmission line is in good connection and whether the processing file format meets the requirements.

QWhy is there no oil spraying from the cutting oil nozzle?

Please check whether the cutting oil switch is turned on, whether the oil pump is started, whether the cutting oil in the oil tank is sufficient, whether the oil circuit is smooth and whether the oil pump is turning correctly.

QHow to select the grinding wheel of tool sharpener?

Resin wheel and diamond wheel are commonly used for grinding tools. Coarse-grained grinding wheel can be used for rough grinding of the tool, such as 200#, 300#, 400#, etc. Fine-grained grinding wheel can be used for fine grinding of the tool, such as 500#, 600#, 800#, etc. Customers can choose the appropriate model based on production needs.

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