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We have a professional and satisfactory sales service team. Before purchase the pre-sales service personnel can provide the customers with customized solutions. After purchase, all-round and high-quality support services will be provided by the after-sales service personnel. We also keep systematic checking and maintenance to the products on a regular basis, so that the performance and quality of the products can be always in the good condition.

After-sales service flow

Step 1 - To understand the machine malfunction

After the machine breaks down, the machine should be stopped and kept on site. Then call the after-sales service personnel and describe the situation of breakdown in details.

Step 2 - How to contact

1. Contact with the after-sales service personnel straightly.

2. Or dial the service hotline: 400-889-8833.

Step 3 - On-site inspection of machine

The company will arrange professional service personnel to the customer’s site to check and repair the machine.

Step 4 - Services completed

When faults remove, the machine will be in normal working condition after debugging.



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