American Couple Buy Ice Cream Truck, Create Job Opportunities For Two Children With Down Syndrome | Life


Mary Kate Wegener serves a girl from her ice cream truck her father bought to create employment opportunities for her and her brother Josh. – Photo from Facebook / Special Neat Treats

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 – A family in Ohio, United States, bought an ice cream truck to create employment opportunities for two of their children with Down’s syndrome.

WLWT5 reported that Joel and Freida Wegener bought the truck from another family with special needs in Indiana and Freida came up with the name “Special Neat Treats” as a cheerful nod to the job aspect of special business needs.

The ice cream truck business, now run by Josh, 18, and Mary Kate, 21, started in April.

Joel said sales had “exceeded expectations” with nearly 5,000 units of desserts sold.

The family business started with sales at events and driving the streets of Loveland and has now spread to Greater Cincinnati.

The Wegener’s say their most popular item is the SpongeBob popsicle.

Ice cream cones, candy bars, frozen treats and sweet treats are also on the menu.

Joel said the goal was to help teach his children financial, communication and social skills.

He also wanted to create more engaging conversations about informing communities about the potential to hire people with different abilities.

“It’s much more than selling ice cream.

“It’s an experience for everyone, but giving my kids something to do and showing other parents that maybe there is something creative, out of the box that we can come up with. to our family and our children. “

Joel said he plans to expand his truck fleet next year.


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