Lessons when saving on mutual funds

Investment funds have become a fundamental product for all savers. It is that this type of investment has the advantage of offering a wide range of products that allow you to invest more easily and economically in all types of assets, whether domestic or foreign.

These types of products are especially recommended if you think about a long-term investment. They are a good alternative for the investor who seeks greater profitability than other traditional savings products, controlling risk in the best way, that is, not generating losses.

For those who have a rest, and are thinking about where and how much to invest, we give them some guidelines to consider, if they are leaning towards an investment fund to allocate their savings and raise the bet. Lessons when saving on mutual funds.

They are not bets

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Investment funds are a great alternative to keep your money and savings above inflation. But it is necessary to be cautious, because the indicator of good decision is set in the results that reflect: if you earn more than in another fund or, in any case, you lose less.

The middle ground is always good. Suppose you want to invest in the stock market. It doesn’t matter if you choose companies from one category for the first quarter, and the next one, you are inclined to another.You will do just as well in the long run if you invest in a fund that contains a mix of companies .

Don’t be too changeable

It changes every year, or every six months. Remember that every time you buy or sell funds you pay commissions. This is really the only expense you have to keep an eye on. More than returns, look for funds with low commissions.

That a fund has done well for the quarter, the year, or the past decade does not mean in any way that it will do well when you buy it. In fact, especially with indexed funds , it is better to buy them when they are low, so you are more likely to earn more money . That historically a fund has won over inflation every year, it tells you that the executives behind the fund know what they do.

Enliven your investment. Invest in stock, commodities, cetes, bonds, debt, or whatever you want. But don’t have only one fund. In general, when some do well to others, and vice versa.


The important thing about having money is being able to use it when you need it. So before entering any fund, make sure that you can dispose of your money in a time that suits you. There are funds of daily availability, and there are others of semiannual or annual availability. The easier you can get your money, the better.

All these tips are designed so you can make the right decision when deciding to invest your money . It is that in times of constant inflation, it is necessary that savings, at least, have a destination where it can be maintained and, in the best case, bulk.

The idea is, first of all, that you have the ability to save beyond what you earn and the income you have month to month.

But it is not enough just to keep that rest for future eventualities, or to be able to enjoy yourself. It is necessary to make it yield and for that, what better to opt for an investment fund. Advise, investigate and take action , so that your savings finally yield as much as you expect.

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